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'Art only begins where imitation ends'. - Oscar Wilde

My journey into art started when I was young. Like many children I loved scribbling, mark making and exercising my imagination on paper. As I grew, other paths opened up for me and I found myself engrossed in the world of science; first Zoology then Psychology. These interests kept me pretty busy and art took a back seat for a long while.

Hitting fifty proved to be the perfect catalyst to reignite my passion for  drawing and painting. I’ve experimented with acrylic, oil and gouache but keep coming back to water colour. It’s infuriatingly unpredictable, devilishly difficult to control and endlessly fascinating to play with. All of which add to the fun.

The natural world has always provided me with inspiration. Right outside my back door is the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside. My three dogs usually accompany me on my sketching expeditions. Travelling has given me the opportunity to paint more exotic wildlife: Africa, Asia and the Galapagos Islands have all found their way onto my easel. 

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